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Pride in Transforming Communities

June 6th, 2024

Each June we celebrate PRIDE, a month-long celebration that recognizes and honors our LGBTQIA+ community and their contributions to society. We use this time to not only acknowledge the challenges faced by this community, but to stand in solidarity as allies in their continued fight for equality and identity. Since the first Pride marches commenced in 1970, Pride was and still is resistance through visibility and joy. In commemoration, we’re highlighting the work of LGBTQIA+-led organizations pioneering change in communities far and wide. 


Recompose is a queer, female-led human composting organization led by CEO Katrina Spade. Spade has been integral in developing and advocating for the legalization of human composting as an environmentally-friendly death care alternative. Now legalized in seven states, Recompose has composted over 250 people representing over 250 metric tons of carbon saved through a process called natural organic reduction (NOR). Essentially, their process turns human bodies into soil, creating a gentle way for human bodies to return to the earth after death. Through their regulation crowdfunding campaign, Recompose is working to change the future of death care and expand this offering to people all over the world.


Sugarwitch is founded and run by “a couple of flavor-obsessed queer food system nerds” who craft small batch, from-scratch frozen treats in St. Louis, Missouri. Owners Sophie Mendelson and Martha Bass’ ongoing commitment to building a more equitable food system is reflected across their organization, from using responsibly-sourced ingredients to utilizing fair labor practices. The name “Sugarwitch” is an ode to the celebrated witches of literature and lore, and also lends itself to a witch theme that “is an extension of Sugarwitch’s identity as a queer-owned business.”

Did you know PathLight Law is also a queer, female-led practice? As PathLight Law, we provide fellow mission-driven organizations with creative capital raising solutions that are in alignment with their values and goals. Our legal experts use their experience, knowledge, and passion to assist businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits with innovative and successful capital raising campaigns.

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