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Entity Formation and Restructuring

We provide legal entity structuring services that help clients implement their vision.

All organizations need a legal structure, and organizations that are making a difference need a legal structure that fits their mission. We seek to understand your goals, then recommend a legal structure to fit the need. We form the entity for you and provide key documents, to create an ownership and governance structure that supports the vision and the planned activities.

As a mission-driven firm, we serve enterprises that intend to do good, create a benefit, or reduce a harm. Cooperatives, benefit corporations, general business corporations, limited liability companies (including low-profit limited liability companies), and charitable organizations are all potential choices.

For a founder-owned business or one that intends to raise capital, the choice is typically between a corporation, benefit corporation, or limited liability company (LLC), based on tax considerations and the desired ownership structure.

A cooperative corporation or limited cooperative association (LCA) is a good fit for an enterprise that is owned and democratically governed by its members.

A nonprofit corporation with charitable tax status is an appropriate fit when receiving charitable gifts and grants is an important goal. Charities have special considerations, both benefits and challenges, when starting a revenue-generating enterprise.

For clients planning a securities offering to raise capital, our services fit together–we draft or amend organizational documents with your securities offering in mind.


Examples of Legal Structures

Mission-Driven Companies

Certain entities have purpose baked in–these include benefit corporations and low-profit limited liability companies (L3Cs).


We can provide customized startup design, for growth, tax minimization, or other needs. Ask us about equitable, dynamic founder equity splits.

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Cooperatives are owned by their members, who use the cooperative’s services. Any member-owned platform should consider forming as a cooperative. Existing companies can be restructured as cooperatives, through a share repurchase, articles amendment, entity conversion, or other means.

Holding Companies

Holding companies can be used for scaling a good idea, such as scaling up worker ownership, or aggregating investment into climate-positive work.

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