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Insights from Eco-Conscious Leaders

April 18th, 2024

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting an environmentally-conscious client, Seq Solutions. By featuring their initiatives and insights, we hope to encourage others to join the movement towards building a healthier planet.

Explore our Q&A with Seq Solutions Co-founder Oliver Luker to see how the optimization of carbon removal stimulates the restoration of carbon ecosystems.

Tell us about your organization’s mission.

Seq Solutions is on a mission to digitize, derisk, and simplify the design & certification of the highest integrity natural carbon removal. 

How does your organization integrate sustainable and eco-conscious practices into its mission and operations?

We focus every day on building a pipeline of high-integrity carbon removal. This entails working with public and private organizations to identify land with high potential for carbon removal, match that land with established and proven practices, and accelerate the development and certification of carbon projects.

Can you share specific eco-friendly initiatives or projects your organization has undertaken?

Our initial focus is on Northern Illinois. We are in the process of assessing a 170 acre project and identifying the carbon, biodiversity, and associated benefits that productive agroforestry combined with natural soil enhancements can bring. We provide effective, clearly documented and compliant land management solutions that are backed by peer-reviewed, externally verified calculations.

There are millions of acres of degraded land ideal for natural carbon removal. We optimize carbon removal and maximize co-benefits, creating the most value for the planet – and for the project stakeholders.

How do you engage your community to raise awareness and drive action for environmental issues?

We are actively engaged in a deliberate practice of convening all stakeholders, prioritizing historically marginalized and oppressed groups, to build a truly equitable, inclusive and explicitly anti-racist environment.

Want to learn more about Seq Solutions? Explore their services and commitment to ecosystem restoration.