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Innovative Housing Solutions for Thriving Communities

July 26th, 2023

As the housing crisis continues to displace and destroy communities across the country, mission-driven organizations are hard at work developing innovative solutions aimed at addressing the failing system. 

Crossing Capital Group

Crossing Capital Group has formed a strategic partnership with Oikos Institute for Social Impact to help faith communities harness the power of their assets in order to be a catalyst for communal transformation and economic renewal. 

Often, communities struggle to have social impact as a result of environmental and economic shifts that appear, such as changing local demographics, gentrification, aging physical facilities, and resource challenges. The Institute was established to train, inspire and nurture social entrepreneurs within communities of faith and enterprises to rise above these challenges and maximize their overall social impact. 

Crossing Capital will utilize this partnership to train, mentor and coach leaders on how to access multiple sources of capital to achieve the vision and mission of their organizations and promote positive social change. 

Courage Housing

Courage Housing is an investment firm that deploys capital to develop and operate multifamily developments where new Americans thrive. Courage Housing partners with refugee-focused nonprofits to provide tenants essential services like healthcare, employment opportunities, classes, social services, and more. Courage Housing is on a mission to bring together new and established Americans and foster thriving communities that embody the promise of hope, inclusion, and opportunity that America represents. 

Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit (D4)

Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit (D4) aims to reinvent the development process, which too often unfairly burdens low income families and people of color. D4 represents a diverse coalition of residents, labor, environmental, faith-based, and community organizations all committed to developing a built environment that creates “win-win” scenarios for the community, the economy, workers, and the environment. 

New Way Homes

New Way Homes is on a mission to address the growing housing crisis in California by providing a pathway for mission-aligned land owners to use their land to help their communities without the burden of development and construction. New Way Homes commonly partners with churches, social services providers, organizations and individuals in possession of underused land who share their mission to revitalize communities through affordable housing.

Homekeep by Duo

Featured in last month’s newsletter, Chicago-based project Homekeep by Duo aims to eradicate the landlord-tenant housing model and replace it with a more equitable approach centered on neighborhood ownership. In purchasing small buildings at an affordable price now, Homekeep aims to graduate tenants to owners, extending more protection and ethical investment options to residents.